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Phison and AMD is having PCIe-Gen 4x4 seminar and welcome all customers/RDs to join

07.09.2021 | МТ-Системс
Title: Supercharging I/O Performance Live: Join Us for the Demonstration
Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Time: 19:00 MSK Time (UTC+3)
Duration: 45 minutes
Want to see how much I/O performance you can gain in an hour or less? Join us for this month’s AMD Meet the Experts Webinar, where Phison and AMD will utilize technologies such as AMD Ryzen™ Master to optimize performance with a Phison E18 NVMe SSD Array.
Performance enthusiasts looking to get the most out of their system, particularly high-performance SSDs, shouldn’t miss this one. We’ll optimize memory and fabric clocks, memory sub-timing, and other critical settings to supercharge disk I/O performance.
This month’s experts include a special guest from Phison, Chris Ramseyer, Sr. Manager Technical Marketing of Phison, and Bill Alverson, IO Performance Analysis and Optimization at AMD.
What we'll cover in this webinar:
  • Learn more about Phison’s blistering-performance SSDs, some of the fastest storage devices on the market
  • How to optimize your I/O Performance with AMD Ryzen™ Master
  • A demo showcasing the different ways to increase your system performance
Leah Schoeb
Sr. Developer Manager                     
Leah Schoeb currently works at AMD and brings expertise ranging from cloud infrastructure and data management to client system performance and gaming. Her latest work is with storage optimization for solid-state technology. She draws over many years of experience in the computer industry, helping systems companies with performance engineering and optimization, market positioning, benchmark evidence creation, and guiding industry standards development for system, virtualized, containerized, and data solutions. Leah has served in several leadership roles for performance architecture for companies, such as VMware, Sun Microsystems, Dell, Intel, and Amdahl.
Chris Ramseyer
Sr. Manager Technical Marketing     
Chris Ramseyer spent nearly twenty years as a computer hardware reviewer with the last decade dedicated to storage technology. He is the Senior Technical Marketing Manager for Phison Electronics. Whether working or in his personal life, he pushes for the most extreme outcome in performance and detail. Chris restores and drives race cars in his personal time while whaling away on the guitar to cool down. He spends his professional time testing, tuning, and developing new flash-based storage solutions that provide the best possible user experience.
Bill Alverson
IO Performance Analysis and Optimization
Bill Alverson has been at AMD for around ten years focusing on IO performance analysis and optimization, with a particular interest in the user experience. He also develops new overclocking features and breaks CPU performance world records as a founding member of the AMD Overclocking Team. Before and after work, Bill partakes in current and classic video games and practices music, including guitar, bass, and drums. He especially enjoys collecting and restoring interesting vehicles, with his latest acquisition being a Kei car imported from Japan.our system performance.
Please join with us!